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Affordable long distance moving - save compared to moving pods!


PODS Container Moving – Pros and Cons of the System
Moving is no small task, and when you are getting ready to relocate, whether it be across town or across the country, you’re likely looking for the most secure and hassle-free solution while keeping expenses within your budget.  Using the moving PODS system, or Portable on Demand Storage, is one of the few choices available to you.
However, is the PODS system really your best choice when you’ve made the decision to relocate? When you weigh out the costs and benefits, how does using PODS compare to hiring a professional moving service or even enduring the pains of moving by renting a moving truck and doing it all yourself?


PODS – on Convenience
When you’ve got a houseful of things to pack and especially if you have kids and pets to tote along with you (you sure can’t leave the kids!), convenience in moving is key.  Out of the options available to you when you’re looking to make a move, the PODS system is probably the most convenient.

  1. PODS containers are dropped off, picked up and transported by the PODS team.  You do not have to worry about driving a large truck across town or across the country; moving the PODS container, with your belongings inside, is done for you.
  2. PODS containers sit flat on the ground.  If you’ve ever tried to load a moving truck you know it’s at the very least awkward and sometimes dangerous.  With a moving PODS container you can walk in and walk out with ease.
  3. PODS containers come in two (or three) different sizes to accommodate your moving needs.
  4. PODS act as temporary storage, either outside your home or at a PODS storage facility.  Some people use PODS to free-up “clutter” in their homes so that it’s more presentable when showing their house.
  5. PODS can be kept for extended periods of time for reasonable fees.

The PODS system is by most standards very convenient.  You can pack and store your household items at your leisure, walk in and out of the container on ground-level and not have to concern yourself with transporting the unit.

PODS – on Availability
PODS is available in 3 countries; the United States, Canada and Australia.  While that may seem like a significant reach, there are limitations to the availability of the PODS system. According to the PODS website, they offer service to:
…over 200 million people in more than 20,000 cities in 58 states, provinces, and territories…
And, while you can literally move coast to coast across the USA using PODS, by last estimates there are over  357 million people living in these three countries combined, which in turn means that roughly 157 million people, or 44% of the population, of these countries cannot use PODS.  Now, we come by this percentage using loose calculations based on non-exact figures, but the point is: PODS is not available everywhere.
In the USA it’s likely that you’ll find the PODS system somewhere in the area if you happen to live within, or near, a major metropolitan area.  However, Australia and Canada have larger lapses of availability.

PODS – on Price
If you’re the type of person who seeks out moving boxes from friends and family members, late-night stock-boys at the local supermarket or the dumpster around the corner, PODS may be out of your budget.  However, price does not always equal affordability when all things are considered.
 If you’re looking for inter-city moving, PODS is right in line price-wise with hiring a moving company; you might be able to skate by on less than a few hundred bucks for transportation and self-storage of your belongings.  Cross country moves can vary significantly in pricing, and in some cases, especially if you’re utilizing the storage facility, the move will set you back several thousand dollars.
Now, comparing the PODS system to a professional moving company is really like comparing apples to oranges, or peaches, or something else not completely related.  Using PODS, unless you decide to foot the bill for their recommended “professional packers”, you’ll be doing the boxing and packing on your own.  With a professional moving company you won’t have to succumb to back-breaking labor and heavy lifting, but since the PODS container is at ground-level, it’s not much more difficult to place your items in the container than it is to walk around with your belongings anyway.
When you compare renting a PODS container to hiring a professional moving company or the costs associated with renting a truck and doing the packing, transporting and unpacking yourself; PODS will probably be more expensive the majority of the time.  Whether the extra cost is worth the benefits of the system is up to you, but the PODS system is not the cheapest choice when it comes to moving.


PODS – on Security
Security is a big issue when you’re packing, storing and moving your worldly possessions; after all – you’re likely to have nearly every single thing that you own (and if you’re a pack-rat, everything you’ve ever owned!) inside that truck or storage container. 
Now, would-be thieves aren’t your only enemy, however.   Mother Nature can be a relocating family’s worst enemy: snow, wind, rain and moisture; all of these things can do irrevocable damage to your personal belongings.  Yes, and of course – it would just be plain awful if somebody stole your belongings too.
When weighing out all facets of security, PODS is an excellent choice which offers reasonable to better-than-reasonable security.

  1. PODS containers are strong.  Built around a sturdy steel frame, the walls are made from marine-grade plywood covered in aluminum.  PODS containers can withstand winds up to 110 miles per hour.
  2. PODS containers are completely insulated.  Not only are PODS containers designed to withstand strong winds, they keep rain, moisture and mold out.
  3. PODS containers are either stored right next to your house (instead of at a low-security rental shed) or in a locked-down, climate controlled storage facility.  In either case, you’re the only one who has the key to your PODS container.

Short of a vandal taking a crowbar (and a sledge-hammer) to the PODS container or an Act of God, PODS containers are pretty secure; the containers are altogether sound and will protect your goods from uncommitted vandals and average to worse-than-average weather conditions.
Should you use the PODS for your move?
Really, that’s a decision that you’ll have to make on your own.  The PODS system has many good points, such as:

  1. Ease of loading/unloading
  2. No-hassle transportation
  3. Loose restrictions on the amount of time you have the container
  4. Acts as a portable storage facility
  5. Provides a reasonable secure environment for your belongings

On the other hand, there are some things that might not make the PODS system the best choice in your situation. For instance, PODS:

  1. Has limited availability (location wise)
  2. Is expensive, or at least not as cheap as other moving service options
  3. Does not automatically include professional packing services (you could improperly pack your belongings and have something break in transit)
  4. Does not offer true 24/7 availability to your belongings if you’re using their storage facility

PODS is a great system for many people who are looking to move, either now or in the future.  Whether or not PODS will work for you – well, that’s up to you.


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